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What is the big difference in Nutaria's Targeted food supplement technology?

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What is the big difference in Nutaria's Targeted food supplement technology?


Traditional food supplements all suffer from the same shortcomings: low absorption, rapid systemic clearance, and low bioavailability.

As a result, the essential active ingredients are not reaching their target and lose their effectiveness.

Starting from the 1990s, the food tech industry gradually shifted to liposomal technology. This technology is based on creating a lipid decoration or coating around the active ingredients, simulating the body's natural lipid cell membrane. By forming this coated layer, liposomes can increase the internalization of the active ingredients dramatically, sometimes even more than 20-fold.

While this technological advancement improved absorption, it is not specific, so the active ingredients are not designed to reach a specific tissue or organ. As a result, critical active ingredients, such as anti-oxidants or anti-inflammatory ingredients, are not reaching the target sites where they are most needed.


Nutaria came up with a groundbreaking idea: The company has invented a targeting delivery system, which is food based, that can bring the actual active ingredients to their target site. The technology uses food molecules with a known biological address in the human body as a "taxi", or targeting agent that helps the active ingredients attach to their designated organ or tissue. The targeting food molecule is attached to the surface of the "vehicle," Once consumed, it travels through the GI system until it reaches its site.

When the vehicle reaches the biological target, it degrades and releases the active ingredient into the selected tissue.


This technology comprises 100% food ingredients commonly used in food and are considered safe by FDA and EFSA authorities.

Nutaria has filed a patent, and the technology encompasses all nano-delivery systems using food molecules as targeting moieties.

The company predicts that in the near future, most advanced will switch to targeted food delivery systems, which will demonstrate exceptionally improved bioavailability and effectiveness.

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