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About Nutaria

Nutaria, a nutraceutical R&D company, has revolutionized drug delivery with its targeted delivery system to address the shortcomings of traditional "neuro-protective" options for brain health.


While nootropic supplements often fail due to low absorption and bioavailability, Nutaria's approach utilizes food molecules as natural "taxis" to deliver active ingredients directly to specific tissues or organs, ensuring improved internalization and effectiveness of therapeutic agents.


This patented technology, composed entirely of FDA and EFSA-approved food ingredients, is designed to improve the lives of people with neurodegenerative conditions by focusing on early treatment and prevention, limiting the impact of these medical conditions.  


Currently, Nutaria is in the advanced preclinical stages of developing a drug specifically for early Parkinson's disease, underscoring their commitment to pioneering treatments that offer hope and improved quality of life for patients.

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Our Mission

Nutaria is a nutraceutical R&D company that provides novel solutions in drug development, medical foods, and functional ingredients. We invest significant time and effort in pursuing innovative approaches to treat brain disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases. Committed to excellence, we strive to develop the highest quality APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and ANIs (Active Nutraceutical Ingredients), ensuring our solutions are as close to natural products as possible

Our Team

Our Advisors

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